And yet that's mostly what it is: a software developer's food blog.

First off: if you're new here, you can find recipes by mousing over the green thing to the left. It will let you select one of the available recipes, or search for one by ingredient or category. The slideshow here contains images of random recipes in the app; click an image to be taken to the page for that recipe. Underneath this wall of text are the last four recipes I've created entries for in the app.

Note that very few of the pictures of these recipes are mine. In my defense, I did mention that I'm a developer, rather than a blogger, remember?

This is a web site I built to help learn new development technologies. It was never meant to look like a "food blog", or even be pretty enough to be seen by other people. Still, as I kept building, I was adding things which eventually made it almost pretty. With a little tweaking (and some serious web design), this could easily function as a site for foodies

The web has tons of those, though...

For now, this is meant to be a place I share recipes I've made, as well as stuff the various sides of my family have come to look for and enjoy during the holidays. If you're here, check out some of them, and drop me an email to say Hi, or if you've got any questions/comments in general.


Here are the most recent recipes I've added...